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Fusion Kung Fu

Fusion Kung Fu

Fusion Kung Fu was initially bought to you by Ben Jewiss & Keith Ratcliffe, who together offered you a wealth of martial arts experience amounting to over 28 years combined.

Apart from being good friends, Keith & Ben were training partners while on the journey to obtaining their black belts in the art of Kung Fu. Then joining forces to become business partners.

Both had trained and obtained black belts in various martial arts and as the name suggests have fused those skills together to bring you Fusion Kung Fu.

Shiyong Kung Fu

Shiyong (Practical) Kung Fu borrows from Wing Chun which has been adapted, personalised with elements from other arts. It is a fast, effective & practical Kung Fu. A close range combat fighting system which is suitable for all, as it is not strength reliant, age or gender specific.

A style with techniques that actually work for today`s society. We are not trapped in tradition so do not waste time on learning techniques that do not work.

Unfortunately, due to work and family commitments Ben left the club in June 2018 leaving Keith as sole owner and chief instructor.

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“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



Keith Ratcliffe
Keith RatcliffeKung Fu Instructor
Keith’s first contact with martial arts was as a school boy aged about 9 years old & finally took up Kung Fu
Helen Bennett
Helen BennettKung Fu Instructor
After hard intensive training, in 2019 Helen obtained her Black Belt, passing her grading with a distinction
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