The Eagle symbolises freedom, timing, strength, power, victory and a personal spiritual journey thus enabling you to find your inner power and reach your chosen goal.

When an Eagle takes to the skies he is king of the skies and owns them being one of the largest birds capable of taking flight. As he soars on the thermals and glides, he shows us to conserve our energy and to use that energy wisely. To be rapid and totally focused for optimum benefit, we must learn when to coast and when to accelerate.

Having incredible optical ability the Eagle has superb timing and accuracy and Its talons have immense strength to grab what it needs. All these attributes translate in to your world of Martial arts & Kung fu, learning how to use all the skills you have and those you are yet to learn.

Like the Eagle, grab what you need with open hands, seize the opportunity now or the moment could be lost forever.

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