Kung Fu Training for Adults

As this particular style Shiyong Kung Fu is not based on strength, size or body weight, adult classes start from the age of 13.  You do not have to be super fit or be able to do acrobatics.

Kicks are at low level to maintain balance and stability which also helps the more mature students amongst us.

You will use exercises to develop flexibility, speed, stamina, strength, fluidity, mental discipline along with courtesy and respect not only for fellow students and instructors but also to respect the skills you are gaining and what you are capable of.

Contact us to book in for your free taster session which will involve a 1-2-1 induction with a qualified instructor.

Loose clothing to be worn.

The Benefits of Kung Fu

Your level of  fitness will improve

You will be training in classes with students of the same level, fellow beginners, Intermediates and then Advance.

You will be taught in such a way to make maximum progress, obtaining a black belt in an estimated four years.

You will be able not only to end a fight if need be, but to do so quickly learning to target areas and not rely on brute strength.

Making it perfect for females as well as males.

Become fitter, stronger & confident

As a by-product of your training you will become fitter, stronger, faster, more confident, disciplined and focused which will benefit your every day life.

We do not teach you to become clones of us. We give you  the tools but you will develop your own fighting style as you progress.

No pressure

We do not enter students in to competitions so there is no pressure to be pushed in that direction.

We do spar but this is done step by step, as you learn and progress. Safety is paramount, so protective equipment is used and no head shots.

This is your own personal journey, your martial art, we merely show you the path.


Kung Fu training for adults

Lack of fitness is not an issue. You train at a pace that suits you.  Your fitness will naturally improve as we gently give you the guidance & encouragement you need.

You are never too old to start learning Kung Fu. As we age we just need to listen to our bodies more. Everyone`s journey is different so take from it what is useful to you.

We have different packages allowing you to train once or twice a week. Once a week is sufficient to learn new skills and gain fitness.  Obviously the more you train the quicker you should see results.

None at all. We then have a blank canvass to work with.

Just some of the benefits are

  • increased focus
  • improved concentration
  • co-ordination
  • growth in confidence
  • self esteem
  • fitness

You will also learn Qigong & meditation which will aid calmness & mental health.


Our Kung Fu incorporates the striking art of Wing Chun & techniques from other arts so we are teaching a fast-effective & practical style of self defence & not wasting time on techniques that don`t work.

Comfortable clothing, for example, T-shirt, joggers & trainers (no bare feet).

Your only purchase after joining would be a Kung Fu suit for grading.

Chest guard, gloves & shin guards will benefit your training as you progress through the grades but are not compulsory. Any items you can purchase yourself or we can supply if required.

Begin Your Kung Fu Journey

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